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English Captcha

Data Entry - Captcha

Welcome to Cash For Captcha. This site designed for online aspirants. Here we pay you for your typing skills and you can work as much as you want, whenever you want. Our easy-to-use Data entry system lets you earn money from the convenience and comfort of your home.
Cash For Captcha is a website that enables you to type at home, at your leisure, and for extra money. We are in the business of Data entry services, which means we have lots and lots of Online Data entry for you to do. The website is designed in such a way to make this as easy as possible: We show you the data in an image, and you type it in. We are currently accepting applicants to join the captchaworksoftware.com program and earn money by working from home.

A College Student looking for some Pocket Money and a Homemaker is looking to make better use of her Valuable Time, a full time Professional looking for an Additional Income or a Retired Person want to Proof Something change, an Agent looking to make utilize his Valuable Contacts. We have the key to the door of your Dreams.

  • All you need is: Cash4Captcha Online Data Entry Jobs.
  • A drive to make additional income in your Spare Time.
  • Qualification and Age is not a barrier.
  • You can operate from any part of India or World Wide.

         Our schedules are flexible. You can work at any hour you want and for as long as you please. the quicker you type, the more Cash 4 Captcha you Earn.

The Cash4Captcha.Com Company gives you an opportunity to earn over INR 15,000/- to 25,000/- Per Month and INR 3-4 lakhs Per Annul, this for even a person with a very basic qualification and small typing experience with a Self Confidence, Passion to Succeed in LIFE to prove Himself.

Cash4Captcha.Com is fantastic for: 

  • Mothers that stay at Home.
  • Parents That need a second Job.
  • Students.
  • People in between Jobs.


  1. Basic-English knowledge is OK.
  2. Basic-Computer knowledge is OK.
  3. Keyboard Typing Speed-Minimum 20 WPM. Able to type without looking at keyboard.
  4. Internet Connection-Minimum Speed 256 kbps or above.
  5. Any-One Bank Account.
  6. Able to pay INR 1600/- to Registration (offer limited period only) includes Life time 3-6Captcha Ids, Ultra High Speed Captcha SoftWare, A Life time Service etc... to do Cash4Captcha Online Job Data entry Work from Home.


Data entry Work:

You job is to type below shown image to text. The image so called as Captcha.
Hence we are typing many Captchas that’s because it’s called as Captcha Work.
How to Type:: Type alphabets “A - Z” small or Capitals as it is, and digits “0 - 9”. No need of typing commas, full stop and other special symbols. 
Do not Understand Captcha:: Use “Esc” button on keyboard to get new Captcha.

Examples Captcha::

You should know:

  • Work time Online between PM6:00 - AM6:00 or 24hours. 24/7 - 365 days in a year.
  • You earn money in Dollars by: Part time Home based Data entry typing CAPTCHA WORK.
  • On every 1000 unique Captcha* entry by you to­ you can get paid $1 means up to INR 75/-.
  • $1 per 1500 – 2000 Day time /1000 – 1500 Night time for correct Captcha. And can go as high as up to $1.5 for each 1000 Captcha Typed-Periodically it will Changes. Day time Workers earn less than Night time Workers. If you work night time you will get higher payment.
  • Minimum Amount to withdraw:: $1 USD.
  • Payment period Daily/Weekly/Monthly. Usually every Monday/Saturday you get the payment.


  1.  Priority to work:: No Priority-not compulsory.      
  2. Number of IDs that will be given to user:: 3+ IDs.
  3. Work available:: 24 hours.        
  4. Work at any time:: Yes.        
  5. Daily Compulsion to work:: No-If you work like a Common Job-8hrs/day Really you can earn Big Money.    
  6. Minimum time to work once login:: 30 minutes.
  7. Time given for each Captcha to be entered usually:: 20 sec each.
  8. ID block type:: Temporary.
  9. ID Block time:: Never with Our Software. 30-50 minutes other side.
  10. Payment Processor:: Your Bank Deposit, WebMoney.
  11. You can:: Transfer or Rent or Lease Your IDs to others at your own risk if you want.
  12. You can:: Earn approximately $200 - $500+ BONUS per month is Guaranteed.

An explanation of Bonus Rating for Correct typed Captcha:

Why I can get $1-$2 per hour? Because Captcha Work Provide Websites uses a system of Bonus rating, the higher your rating the nominal value that you can be more high.
The rate obtained on the basis of the number of Captcha that has been inputted.
Indeed when you are a beginner level you will find it to get paid out, but trust us if you preserve you will achieve a Good profitable position and payment is Guaranteed.

Our Captcha Work Software Features:

Ultra High Speed Software Fast 7/24 Hours.

Software is Used for individual IDs (IDs which don't join in team work).


1. You can work with multiple accounts at the same time and get Captcha 10 times faster than you work on the website.

2. You can type in about 2000-3000 Captcha per hour and if you type fast enough.

There is an Automatically Submitting System on our Software, it will automatically submit the Captcha if you don't have enough time to type, you don't need to worry about time out problem.

3. We provide you Software and control panel, you can add authorization or delete authorization at any time.

4. One time payment, You will get the latest software free of charge for Lifetime. No further charges.

5. Your IDs will not be banned because of using our Software.

6. You can use it as long as .Net Framework 2.0 is installed on your computer.

7. Timer available on Software.

8. You can Pause or Continue Work at any time.

9. You can Change Software size according your own idea.


 Address: #103, Sree Rama Towers, opp:Govt.Jr.College, Above; Vinayaka Aluminium,  Main Road, Kukatpally, Hyderabad - 500 072. A.P. India. 

Timings: A.M.09:00 - P.M. 07:00  -  365 days(No Holiday)

Inquiry: +91 924 83 555 36 / +91 924 83 555 39

Customer Care: 040 40 11 6225 / 040 645 39 345. 

email: cash4captcha (at) gmail.com

email: info (at) cash4captcha.com


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements do this job?
  1. Keyboard typing speed at least 30 wpm is required. 
  2. English alphabetic knowledge is required.

How long is the Captcha work is available?
Its long term project. We are working on captcha projects since very long time.

What is the professional name of this job?
We do solve captcha’s so usually its called as online captcha work. We do work online that means it can also considered as online captcha entry.

How we will receive the assignments ?
It’s online that means. You can work direct by connecting to the server through the help of captcha work software. Once you logged in the software then you will be ready to start the work.

What is the captcha work software?
Captcha work software is a windows based application it will help to do captcha work faster.

Is there any specific times to do the job?
You can work at any time.  Best timing to work in night. Because the price per 1000 captcha high in night.

How we will receive the payments ?
Payments processed weekly once by major e-currency companies. PayPalPayzaLiberty ReserveWebmoneyWestern Union